Why it’s important to get outside

Most mornings, I like to take a walk to grab a coffee and think about the day ahead. It’s my version of a morning scrum.

I’ll think about all the goals I want to accomplish and then whittle it down to what’s the one thing I want to get done and what are some of the smaller tasks I can tick off if I get time.

Today’s goal was to do some video editing, which I’ve been learning to do so I can provide a variety of coaching materials and not just rely on text.

I also wanted to buy some software to help me with editing and also my writing.

So in between editing when I needed a break, I’ll do some shopping. Getting out of my office makes it easier for me to think clearly about what’s vital for me to get done and what can wait.

I’ve still got work to do on my website, and I’m working on other projects too, but I don’t have a deadline on these like the video editing.

How do you think about what’s important to get done today, and what can wait for tomorrow, and how are you remaining clear-headed when making these decisions?

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