Why Google executives have coaches and why you should to

I’ve been going through my backlog of audiobooks on Audible and I’m up to How Google Works.

From the title, you might think it would give insights into how search engines work but it’s actually about the culture of the organisation and how they operate as a business.

There was a paragraph that reminded me of my second post here. The former CEO, Eric Schmidt was offered a coach by one of the investors and laughed it off wondering why he needed one but agreed to meet them.

Six months later he reflected on the decision and thought about how professional athletes need help to get to the top of their game, same with actors and anyone trying to be the top in their field. Why shouldn’t it be any different for him?

It’s now something highly encouraged in Google, not just for leaders. The book is an interesting, well in my case listen, and has a lot of great advice on everything from company culture to recruitment processes to scaling at pace.

Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock is another one that is very similar and is from the HR executive at Google who also has some great culture tips if you’re looking for something to listen to or read over the weekend.

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