What you can learn from other upstarts

Over the weekend, I finished the audiobook The Upstarts. It recounts the story of Uber and Airbnb’s origins and how they got to where they are today. While I’m familiar with both brands, I wasn’t with their origins.

I didn’t know Uber started as a private car company before evolving into the ride-sharing business we know today. I also didn’t know about a lot of the lessons both companies learned over the years, such as when Airbnb took out ads asking city governments what they had done with the money from the taxes they had paid.

While the book didn’t blatantly call out the lessons the companies learned, the one that resonated most with me was not from either brand. It was from the traditional, well-established taxi and hotel industries. It’s the same lesson the music and TV industry have learned, and that is, you can’t rely on what you’ve always done in the past to work for you in the future.

You need to be continually learning and evolving. Not just as a business but as a leader. You can’t rely on what’s worked for you before because people change. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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