Why it’s important to build leadership foundations

I went on my run today, the second one for the month. I’ve been using an app to coach me. Sure, I’ve run before. My personal best is 6km, which was about six years ago. Back then, I would run for as long as I could, and then the next time, I would try to run a little further. It worked for a little while before I stopped for a while and would have to start over.

What the app is helping me to do is build some solid foundations, so if I do stop, starting isn’t so hard.

In the first session, I ran for one minute and then walked for one and a half minutes. I did this six times. I still remember feeling the pain in my legs and gasping for air. But today, four weeks in, running didn’t feel as hard.

Today’s session was two three-minute runs and two five-minute runs with two-minute walks in between.

I wouldn’t have got to this point had I not started with the basics and built the foundations.

It reminded me of how I’ve approached anything new. I’ve stopped and started, but I’ve learned from my mistakes to try not and stop again.

I’m also not afraid to ask for help to keep me on track, whether that’s an app or someone I know who can help me improve.

If you’re at a point where things aren’t working the way they should, maybe it’s time to start again and return to the basics.

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