The power of asking why?

Each Wednesday, I’ll provide some sales coaching tips I’ve used over the years. Customers are a lot savvier then they were ten years ago.

Previously, customers would call up or go into a store and look for a recommendation from a salesperson.

Now a lot of them have done their research, and if they decide to call up or go into a store, they’re coming in to tell you what they want.

Doing this to a salesperson is like putting a tennis ball in front of a Golden Retriever. They’re going to run with it. They’ll complete the sale, collect the commission and move on to the next customer.

A good salesperson will ask, “why did you decide on this product?”. This simple question opens up possibilities, can reduce sales leakage, and build a connection with the customer that can not only help them with this sale but future purchases.

From this question, you can understand motivations and get information on what’s important to them in a product. You can use this information to validate the customer’s choice or point them in the right direction to an alternative product and personalise it based on what’s important to them.

Take the time and personalise the product to the customer. Think three sales ahead instead of the one in front of you.

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