Why it’s important to know when to pivot your plans

Ah, the rain… so great to see, but it also puts a hold on some of my wellness goals.

Learning to pivot and alter course is a necessary skill not just in life but in business. Not everything is going to go to plan, and you need to know how to think of different ways to achieve the same outcome in other ways.

Systems are going to go down, forecasts are going to be off, and plans don’t always come to fruition. But the targets are still the targets, and goals are still goals.

You can’t throw your hands up in the air and blame it on outside factors, and it’s even worse to try and ride it out if you see the same result day after day after day. That can lead to your business becoming no more.

A great leader prepares for the worst and knows when’s the right time to pivot without being too reactive.

How are you still going to get the job done even when it’s not going to the plan you set?

For me today… I’ll do some push-ups.

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