Why does your business exist and where do you fit in?

By now you’ve probably been back at work for a week or two. You’ve caught up on your emails and got back into a working rhythm.

Something I liked to do around this time was taking a moment to think about what my role in the business is.

You might be thinking, my role hasn’t changed or I’ve been doing this job for a long time, but if the industry or market you’re in has changed then you need to change as well.

Even Google changes, last year they released over 500 improvements to their search engine. Yes, their search engine.

The first question to ask is what the goal of your business is… the answer is normally always the same in that it’s to make enough money to remain a business.

Next, is how does your business makes money? Is it by selling physical products, non-physical products, services?

Now ask how your department contributes to making money to the business. If you’re in sales this is pretty easy but what if you’re in HR? You still have a role to play. You can be one of the major contributors to the company culture and happy employees can lead to happy customers who will stay loyal to your business.

Try this out with your teammates and your direct reports. Hopefully, you’re all on the same page but if not then now is the best time to get aligned for the year ahead.

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