Why you should have a leadership coach?

I remember when I was told I was getting a professional coach to help me transition into a new role. I thought, what are they going to do for me? I already have a manager. What could a person with no knowledge of who I am or what I do help me?

The answer was quite a lot. Our first catch up was like a first date – we got to know each other, I talked about my hopes and dreams and we politely laughed at each other’s jokes.

I ended up walking away with a new perspective. I learned quickly I only knew what I knew and having a conversation with someone who had no idea about me or what I did meant they had a fresh perspective of what my strengths and development areas were.

I enjoyed the whole experience but the only downside was I had a limited amount of sessions which I had to book in advance so I’d have to bank up questions and sometimes by the time I got to my session my query wasn’t relevant anymore.

So when I decided to start my own coaching and mentoring service I wanted to make sure it would be available when someone needed it.

I wanted people to be able to shoot through a question and get a response without having to wait for a scheduled coaching session.

And that’s what I’ve done. patreon.com/pwfservices

Pwf services offers online coaching and mentoring for team leaders and managers. It’s
completely confidential, and there are no contracts or commitments. I’ll help you develop
goals to better yourself as a leader and provide advice on how to improve the performance
of your team. I’m also here if you need a vent. For more information, visit pwfservices.com
or to sign up, go to patreon.com/pwfservices.


About pwf services

Online team leader coaching

Online manager coaching

Online leadership coaching

ABN 49 416 862 678

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