Why every sales leader needs to forget the word tyre-kicker

Are you a sales leader that uses the term tyre-kicker?

If so, you need to erase this word from your vocabulary.

When I’ve attended sales performance meetings, often, a low website or phone conversion would be attributed to tyre kickers. I shook my head every time I heard this.

My counter was always that no one visits a website for no reason.

No one rings a business for no reason.

No one walks into a store for no reason.

If you didn’t get the sale, then it could be because you didn’t meet the needs of the customer. Or, it could be that they’re not ready to buy yet. Or it’s even possible that what you offer isn’t right for that particular person.

Regardless, it’s an opportunity to improve your sales experience and not a way to write off a potential new customer.

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