Why a failed conversion is a feedback opportunity

When it came to feedback on sales, I would always look at the interactions with customers that didn’t convert.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how no one picks up the phone, walks into a store, or starts a webchat for no reason. If a customer didn’t buy what my team was selling, then there was something they didn’t address for that person that caused them not to buy.

This helped me evolve my team’s sales technique. I would coach them to ask more open questions during the needs analysis, or I would get them to do a better job of personalising the product they were pitching back.

There’s not a lot you can learn from the sales your team is converting. Next time you’re doing some coaching, evaluate the sales that aren’t converting and break down the individual components of the conversation. The need analysis, the positioning of the product, and the close.

This is how you use feedback from your customers to improve performance.

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