Why it’s important to receive feedback

Receiving feedback can come in many forms.

It can come face to face where you’re able to not only able to hear the words of feedback but also pick up on body language. You can get a reading on whether the person providing the input believes in what they’re saying or if they’re passing on the message from someone else.

It can come in writing, which I’ve always found to be the most honest type of feedback. It might be an email that you can tell was therapeutic for the sender because they were able to get everything they wanted to say out of their head and on the virtual page.

It can also come via a third party, whether it be through a survey or another team member. Sometimes it can get lost in translation or be out of context. But still shouldn’t be dismissed.

Regardless of the way you receive it, the way I always thought about feedback that I received was that it made me aware of something, whether it be good or bad. If it was something positive, then I would often look at how I could improve further on what it was that I was doing well so I could do it even better. If it was negative, I would keep it in front of my mind. If I lacked a skill, then I would consider if it was in my wheelhouse and try to improve. But if it wasn’t, then I would seek out an expert and look to collaborate for the benefit of the business.

When was the last time you asked for feedback? What do you find is the best way to receive it? How do you find the best way to approach it before you decide how you’ll action it?

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