Why working with friends makes a big difference

It’s hard to have fun at work without other people around you.

I remember my first day walking into a call centre and thinking to myself that I was only there to come in, answer some calls, and go home. At the time, I was freelance writing, and I only took the job so I could bring in a regular paycheque. I wasn’t there to make friends.

But it didn’t take long before I found myself sitting with the same group of people, chatting and getting to know them, and eventually hanging out with them outside of the office.

It made going into the office a bit easier, and the work did not seem so bad because I knew that in-between calls, I’d chat with my friends.

I also found that it improved my quality of work. I wasn’t coming in frustrated, and my mindset was positive because I knew I’d be around friends. It didn’t take long that I was one of the top performers in my team, and I credit this to the mindset I had, and the people I was around that made it enjoyable to be in that environment.

Now that I’m working remotely, I still find ways to remain connected to people, and one of those ways is through my coaching and mentoring service. Slack allows me to chat with my subscribers through private direct messages at any time – day or night.

On Monday night, I was having a coaching conversation with one subscriber, where we discussed one of my posts and where they were at with their March goals. We were both on our mobiles using the Slack app to chat, and it ended up being a great catch up for both of us.

Don’t underestimate the power of people and the impact it has on your headspace. If you’ve got people you enjoy being around, then it will make work feel less like a chore and more of a social gathering.

Pwf services offers online coaching and mentoring for team leaders and managers. It’s
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