How games in the workplace can improve performance

Fun and games go together like chocolate and wine, or chocolate and peanut butter, or chocolate with anything.

Games in the workplace can inspire so many great behaviours and deliver magnificent performance.

One game I came up with when I was a sales and retention team leader was The Lethal Lottery. In this game, I split the team into pairs, a high performer and mid to low performer or two people who didn’t regularly socialise together. Their combined results would determine their ranking in the team.

The game had multiple purposes. I wanted to promote more teamwork and collaboration. I also wanted the higher performers to help lift the mid to lower performers in the team by sharing tips and strategies. It was also an opportunity to get the team to mingle more by matching people up with peers they didn’t regularly interact with each other. Ultimately if the game achieved these goals, then the performance would come. And it did.

I’ve seen team leaders who have run games with no prizes and have amazing participation. It doesn’t always have to be about a prize for the highest sales, the most saves, or the best customer satisfaction score. You can play games for bragging rights because sometimes the ultimate prize for an employee is to say that they’re the best at something.

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