How you can turn your workplace into a community

One of the regular conversations I used to enjoy started with “What are you watching at the moment”. After these conversations, I’d find myself checking out shows that weren’t on my radar and discovering new genres.

But it was the conversations I enjoyed the most. We would break down episodes, discuss where we thought the plot would go and repeat jokes, and laugh together.

It got me thinking about how I can share this feeling with the entire company, and Recommendation Station was born. The name was homage a segment on one of my favourite podcasts, The Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project.

I put up several pieces of butcher paper in the lunchroom. There were separate pages for movies, TV shows, video games, podcasts, music, and cafes. I sent out a company-wide email to our offices across two states and encouraged people to put up their recommendation and their name.

The pages got filled quite quickly, and we ordered more butcher paper.

But the best part was that people who potentially had never said hello to one another were now talking about something they had in common. I also got feedback from the office in Melbourne that the email had kicked off a massive conversation and generated a buzz they hadn’t had for a while. They even contributed when they visited the Wollongong office.

In my Slack group, I’ve created a Recommendation Station channel to continue the trend and include audiobooks I’m reading and motivational videos.

This week has been about fun at work, and this was one of the most fun things I did because we went from being a workplace to being a community, and it brought us a little bit closer together, and the results for the business followed not long after.

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