How you can use downtime to upskill yourself

A lot of people are not working at the moment, whether it be from losing their job, being stood down, or due to Government regulations.

I’m not going to try and relate or understand what anyone in this situation is thinking or feeling.

The closest experience I can draw upon is being made redundant twice in my career. Both times I’ve approached the situations differently.

When I was made redundant as a writer, I just assumed I would pick up freelance writing jobs. I worked for two of Australia’s most popular publications at the time, and having that on my resume should get me in the door.

But I was arrogant. It came across in my work. I never made any attempt to improve my writing. I submitted poorly written articles, and it wasn’t long before work started to dry up. I don’t blame any of those editors. The writing was terrible.

More recently, I was made redundant in my Head of Contact Centre role. I approached it entirely differently. In my last four weeks, I enrolled in some online courses. I taught myself how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. I learned how more advanced techniques in Excel. I also did some writing courses. All of this was on the website Udemy.

When my time was up, I continued my training and started to reach out to websites and businesses for freelance work so I could remain self-employed and build my coaching and mentoring service. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a video editing job with my friends at Mitch Hickman Films. I’ve also been fortunate enough to pick up some unpaid writing work with the gaming website Progress Bar.

I approach each job, thinking about how I make this piece of work good enough that it gets me more work. I’ve also enrolled in more courses to continue to improve and build upon my skills.

This might seem like a post about mindset, but it’s actually about self-improvement. You might be someone who has some forced spare time now. My advice would be to use that time to improve yourself. It might be a skill at work. It might be a hobby. If you can’t afford to enrol in a course, then I suggest jumping on YouTube. But use this time to build a better you.

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