How repetition can help you improve

Repetition can often be seen as a negative word. Doing something over and over and over again seems like it would be boring.

However, I’ve always seen repetition as positive. It’s how I’ve continued to get better at something. Each time I do something, I feel like I get better at it. When I stop doing something, I feel like I lose the skill.

Take writing, for example, almost every day since finishing up at my job I’ve been writing. I feel like with each article, I get a little better at it and make fewer mistakes on my first draft.

I get a lot of great feedback from people I know and people I’ve never met before. That feedback strives me to keep writing and to keep improving.

Editing videos is another example. Each video I edit, I feel like I get better at it. I’m very picky with the work I submit, and I am finding myself getting pickier with details that I correct. I’m getting feedback as well on this work by professionals and, in turn, getting more opportunities.

The only way to get better at something is by doing it over and over again and looking to improve each time. If something’s repetitive, then use it as an opportunity to hone your craft.

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