Why learning is fun

Learning something new doesn’t always have to be for a professional reason. Learning something new can make you do something better, faster, and potentially make it more fun.

For example, I only recently learned how to cut capsicum properly. It was at Christmas time, my sister-in-law was helping in the kitchen, and she started cutting capsicum while I sipped my gin and tonic. The technique she used was new to me but made complete sense in how to cut capsicum. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to embarrass myself and give the impression I didn’t know how to cut a vegetable. But I have used that technique ever since, and it is so much easier compared to the way I used to do it.

Another fun way of learning new things is a podcast I listen to called No Such Thing As A Fish, which was recommended to me by a former work colleague. These brilliant minds talk about four funny facts and then deep dive into those facts with even more facts. It’s a pretty entertaining podcast, and you always come away knowing something you would have never have googled, such as the largest bubble in the world or the price of lemons back in the day.

Let your desire for learning come to you and give it a kickstart with something fun.

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