Why you need to cut yourself some slack in this new world

I caught up with a couple of former colleagues this weekend from a safe distance, and they all felt differently about their current working situation.

Some loved they were finally working from home and away from the noise at the office. They felt like they could accomplish more.

Others felt uncomfortable and missed some of the social interactions that an office brings.

All of them were grateful though they were still working and felt for people who had been stood down or left unemployed.

I reminded them all that this situation we’re all in is unique, and when it comes to our working life, no textbook or self-help book will give us the answers on how to handle ourselves during this time. I also said that your manager is probably feeling the same way as are your people. It’s ok to be creative at this time on how to handle situations and operationalise your business.

I encouraged them all to try new approaches and new methods of managing people and demonstrating leadership. Some will work. Some won’t. We can’t rely on what we used to do if our environment and business have changed as a result of this. If there was ever a time to try something new, now’s the time.

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