Why communication is so important for leaders

Communication has always been critical to success in business, and now more than ever, where a lot more workers are working remotely, it’s even more critical.

Now is a great time to practice and perfect your methods of managing up.

Firstly, gain an understanding from your manager how frequently they want updates. Daily, every other day, weekly or less frequent?

What type of things do they want to know about immediately?

The next step is up to you, and it’s about details. Does your manager respond to detailed, long-form type updates, or are bullet points the way to go?

For example, do they respond to updates like this?

We had 40 visitors in-store today, with 30% of them taking up new products and 45% being existing customers. Of the 30%, they took package options and signed up for our membership. Compared to yesterday this is an increase of 25% and compared to the same time last year it’s an increase of 30%.

Or do they prefer updates like this?

  • 40 customers today
  • 30% conversion on new products
  • 30% took up package options and membership option
  • 45% were existing customers
  • Increase of 25% day on day
  • Increase of 30% on the same time last year

It’s essential to stay connected to your manager, so think about the updates you want to provide and the frequency. Most importantly, think about the quality of your content and the way you want them to digest the information.

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