Why you need to look after your regular customers

Keeping in touch with your regular customers is tough at the moment. It can be hard to build a connection when you don’t interact with them in the same way.

For example, I’ve got my regular coffee shop I go to every morning. While my coffee is brewing, I enjoy a chat with the staff on all the world’s problems. However, at the moment, I may only get a few seconds to chat with them while I tap my card on the Eftpos machine. Then I have to wait outside to ensure they stick the rules of the number of people inside.

The reason I’ve always gone to this particular coffee shop is first and foremost the quality of the coffee. It is delicious. The service I get has always made the experience pleasant. But now that is limited, the business has had to revert to the quality of the product.

I know someone else in a similar boat where they’re a sales rep, but they can’t interact the way they would like with their clients and potential customers. His salesmanship is what he relied on to gain customers and keep them. Now he has to interact with them differently via the written word to maintain relationships.

How are you maintaining your relationships with your regular customers? Do you need to adjust the way you interact with them to keep them loyal? Do you need to rely on your product more then you did before?

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