Why it’s important to treat yourself

Another adjustment we have to make at this time is how we manage our wellbeing.

Coffee with friends, drinks at the pub, exercise groups is all out of bounds at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

The adjustment I’ve made is by buying myself a treat at my coffee store on a Friday. It’s something small, but I look at all the delicious food they have every day and resist the urge to gorge on their tasty meals.

I’ve also bought myself some excellent craft beers from a local bottle store. I would always enjoy trying new beers at the pub on a Friday with friends, so this will make up for some of that.

Think about how you can treat yourself during this time. You can try doing some online shopping and get something you’ve always had your eye on. Maybe rent a movie online, especially with some skipping the cinema and going straight to online stores. I hear the Invisible Man is good. You could even get yourself some takeout from one of your local restaurants. So many places are now doing takeaway to keep in busy, and they would love the support.

So treat yourself on a Friday. Start your new wellbeing goal for April today.

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