Why you should use your quiet time to upskill yourself

For some of you that are working from home, you might find yourself with some extra time during the day, which used to be taken up by casual chats and people asking for help.

You’re probably using some of this spare time to catch up on your backlog of tasks. But what’s your plan when that runs out?

If there was any better time to upskill yourself, then now could be the time to do it. But to work on?

Do you pick an area of your game that you’re not so great at?

Or do you focus your efforts on something you’re already good at, but want to be great at?

Maybe you’re a whizz with Excel, but do you know how to run macros, create pivot tables, or automate your reports?

Maybe you’re a creative genius when it comes to Powerpoint, but how are your animation effects, and how do you manage charts in your slides?

Perhaps you want to do some public speaking or feel more confident in running meetings.

Whatever it may be, if you’re finding yourself with some free time, then scour YouTube or look for some online courses. There are a lot of generous instructors giving away free courses or at hugely discounted rates.

Pwf services offers online coaching and mentoring for team leaders and managers. It’s
completely confidential, and there are no contracts or commitments. I’ll help you develop
goals to better yourself as a leader and provide advice on how to improve the performance
of your team. I’m also here if you need a vent. For more information, visit pwfservices.com
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About pwf services

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