Why you should do an audit of your daily tasks

While you’re working home, it might be time to do some spring cleaning on the tasks you do daily.

When you start a task this week, ask yourself why you’re doing it.

Is it for you?

Is it for your team?

Is it for your, manager?

Is it for your manager’s manager?

Is it a task someone else already does?

Is it a task someone else should be doing?

Could it be done in a better way?

Basically, does the task you’re doing offer value to your time?

I spoke to a leader of a contact centre this week, from a distance, who was struggling with time. I got
them to walk me through their day. They started the day on their report, which came from their head
office. He took the information from that report and reentered it into his report which he then
distributed to his team.

I stopped him and asked why he duplicates the information in the report, and he responded that he
didn’t like the format it was presented in. This took about an hour.

I stopped him again and said his time would be better spent once, maybe twice, upskilling his team on
how to interpret the report rather than redesign the format.

He could then use the hour spending time on checking in with his team or on strategic thinking.

He tried this yesterday and this morning I heard from him and while it was an adjustment to change his
routine, he enjoyed the conversations he had with his team much more than the time it took doing data entry.

So my challenge to you today, write down the tasks you do today and at the end of the day, review
whether or not it’s something you should be doing. Ask the questions above and think about what you
could be doing with the time instead.
If you can ditch even one task, the exercise would be worth it.

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