Use this trick to take a break over the long weekend

The Easter long weekend was always a holiday period I looked forward to. Four days off in a row doesn’t come around too often.

I liked to think of this time as a half time break in a sports game. I would head to the locker room and reset, so when the whistle blows I’m ready to start the game fresh.

With a lot of people having their work equipment in their house, one trick I encourage you to try is something I picked up from the book, Atomic Habits. The method is to pack away your work equipment in a wardrobe or garage.

The trick was designed for anyone watching too much TV or playing too many videogames. To break the habit, he suggests unplugging it and packing it away. This way, if you want to use the TV or the videogame console, it would take a lot of effort to set it back up.

So why not try it? Tonight, pack up your monitors and laptop and store them away. Enjoy your four day weekend and reset, so when that work whistle blows again on Tuesday, you’ll be ready to start the week fresh.

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