The Core Competencies of Leadership – Character

One of the most important qualities admired in a leader is personal credibility.

Howard Morgan said in his book “The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching”, “Credibility is the foundation of leadership. If we don’t believe in the messenger, we won’t believe the message.”

It’s all about “doing what you say you will do”. Every organisation I’ve worked for has had integrity as one of its pillars. It can be defined in different ways such as:

  • Practice what you preach
  • Walk the talk
  • Put your money where your mouth is
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • You have to have the courage of your convictions

How can you demonstrate this competency?

  • Make decisions with the organisation without allowing a personal agenda to influence your decision
  • Keep your commitments, especially to your direct reports
  • Practice self-development
  • Constantly look for ways to learn
  • Be receptive to and ask for feedback from your manager, peers and direct reports
  • Be approachable to everyone
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Trust other people and assume they have good intentions
  • Work collaboratively with others as opposed to seeing everyone as a competitor
  • Don’t be arrogant towards others
  • Don’t give up because something is difficult
  • Have emotional resilience and adjust to rapidly changing environments

How many do you tick off?

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