The Core Competencies of Leadership – Personal Capability

This competency is about whether you have direct knowledge or hands-on skills in relation to the industry or area in which you might lead.

Many have an opinion that a good leader can learn certain technical information and expertise on the job, and that it’s more important to have people skills and emotional intelligence. But there are also benefits to having direct prior knowledge and expertise as this can assist with credibility and job performance.

Some examples of personal capability can include:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Product or service knowledge – understanding what the organisation produces and why it’s superior to competitive products or services
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving skills – the ability to define a problem, analyse it, and come up with recommendations for resolving it
  • Professional skills – the ability to write a report and make a compelling presentation in front of a group
  • Innovation – the ability to have a fresh approach to a problem, to improve upon old methods and processes and see new possibilities.
  • Effective use of technology – using any technology that improves performance.

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