4 Leadership Examples From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Who doesn’t love Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

During lockdown and isolation, you’ve probably had an opportunity to catch up on some essential viewing. Hopefully, one of these was Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If you’ve seen it or watched it recently, you might have picked up some leadership tips from Captain Holt.

You might be wondering what leadership tips you can take from a fictional character. Sure, Simon Sinek, Amy Cuddy, and Brene Brown provide fantastic advice and tips on how to become a better leader. But you can take learnings from any leader – real or otherwise.

1. Personalised approach

You might have noticed that Captain Holt has a different relationship with each of the characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With Jake, it’s a father-son type relationship. When he provides his approval to Jake, his spirits lift. With Rosa, he’s hands-off. They’re very much alike in that they say what needs to be said.

With Amy, it’s a coach and mentor situation. Think about your relationships with your direct reports. Do you have a one size fits all approach, or do you have an individual style with each of your team members?

2. Career Development

Throughout the show, several characters have moved on or up. Holt has never shied away from getting people ready for the next step in their careers. He provides opportunities and then gives feedback.

What is your approach to career development? Do you provide pathways for your people and then offer advice on what to consider next time?

3. Leading By Example

On more than one occasion, Holt has tagged along on a case. While he has the office and the title of Captain, he is willing to insert him into an investigation or interrogation when he needs to. When was the last time you got your hands dirty on the frontlines?

Sitting in can not only provide you some perspective, but it can help you empathise more with your people and give you a better idea of what they’re going through.

4. Fun At Work

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy, there are plenty of fun activities that take place in the office. The Halloween episodes are the first that come to many people’s minds. While these episodes don’t necessarily show an improvement in productivity or results, it does bring out comradery and competitiveness.

Is there an annual event that you and your team can compete in? Can you provide a trophy for that person to hold onto and defend for the year?

How to Take Inspiration From Any Leader

These are just four examples, but there are plenty of other examples of leadership from Captain Raymond Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Take a closer look at your next binge of the show. You just might learn something.

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