4 Reasons Why Ron Swanson Is A Great Leader

ron swanson

If you subscribe to Stan and Amazon Prime, then you may have seen Parks and Recreation. During your binge, you would have fallen in love with Ron Swanson. A man who seems to have no desire to work for the government despite being the Director of the Parks and Recreation department. While on the surface, it appears as though Mr Swanson is a terrible leader, but if you look deeper, he’s actually a great one.

1. Ron Swanson The Delegator

Ron Swanson is more than happy to whittle away a stick in his office instead of preparing a Powerpoint presentation. Throughout the series, he regularly delegates his duties to Leslie or other members of the Parks department.

While many might not see this as positive delegating, Ron is actually also empowering them. He will, on occasion, give some words of wisdom, but for the most part, his employees have free reign to complete a task or project.

It no doubt helped April and Leslie as they progressed through their career as they had the confidence to be whatever they wanted to be. If they chose to be entrepreneurs, they might have avoided some of the challenges that female business owners face today (click here to find out more)

This behaviour from Ron shows how much trust he in his entire team. Well, maybe except for Jerry.

2. The Mentor

Throughout the series, Ron will take many people under his wing. He mentors April, who suddenly comes out of her shell once she starts working for him. It would lead her to an amazing career in the company and beyond.

Andy also gets a lot of wise advice from Ron after he starts up his own business. He also invests in Tom as he admires his entrepreneurial spirit. For someone who is not a people person, he plays a big role in many of his employee’s lives.

3. The Defender

When he’s needed to, Swanson will defend his people with everything he’s got. He’s had to leave his comfy leather chair to protect many of his employees when they’ve gone too far. But he also gives them advice on the side of how they can avoid it again in the future. He will also take the heat for his team or sacrifice himself despite his best interests. Exactly what a leader should do.

4. Ron Swanson Likes To Keep It Simple

Ron doesn’t mince words. He also doesn’t like to complicate things. It’s why many of his passions are simple trades like carpentry. As we become more familiar with our workplace, processes, and procedures, we can end up complicating it by adding layers. But this is not something Ron can do. He always goes back to basics.

How to Stay Inspired

You can find inspiration everywhere. In real life and in fictional characters. It’s even possible to find them in hilarious comedies like Parks and Recreation.

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