No Money For Pay Rises? How To Motivate Your People

motivate people

Has your company been affected by Covid-19?

For many businesses they’ve had to cut jobs, change their model, and make difficult choices in order to survive. For some companies, they’re not able to give their yearly pay rises to their employees. For some people they will be grateful they still have jobs. For others, they’ll be upset about not getting their yearly increase.

So how do you motivate people when the big bosses made the decision not to give pay increases? Here are a few ideas.

Strengthen The Workplace Culture To Motivate People

Research shows that work culture plays a large role in employee satisfaction. One of the most popular ways to do this is to remove any visible hierarchies. Have executives sit with the frontline. Even better, get them to do some frontline work. This can allow the executives an opportunity to hear from customers directly and give them an appreciation of what their workers do on a daily basis.

Improve Supervisor Employee Relations To Motivate People

One of the main reasons people leave jobs is due to bad bosses. If your employees have bad relationships with their bosses, and they’re not going to get a pay rise, then you’ve got a risk of these people leaving. This is not to say you should get rid of the managers. But you need to work with the leaders to improve the relationships with the staff. Give them the development they need to motivate people that they want to stay.

Motive People By Providing Mentoring And Training

If you can’t give pay increases, then it’s unlikely you can provide promotions. Instead, use this time to create an in-house mentoring and training program that can help develop these staff. Then when your business is in a position to promote employees, you’ve got candidates lined up and ready to jump in.

Motivate People By Recognising Efforts

Showing appreciation to your employees goes a long way. Acknowledging their work during a challenging time can make them feel valued. Someone who feels valued is more than likely to stay with your company and work hard. It’s a simple way to motivate people.

Provide Added Perks

Look for perks in your workplace that you are in control of. Give staff their day off on their birthday. Offer them longer lunch breaks. Let them leave early on a Friday. They might seem like small things, but these can make a big difference to some people.

Stay Motivated

Sometimes money isn’t the only motivator for people. Other times it might be the knowledge of being the best in the team, or it’s career development. Before you start trying to work out how to motivate people, find out what it is that brings them to work every day.

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