The Most Common Reasons Why Leaders Fail

why leaders fail

Being a leader isn’t easy.

While many grow into it, others are overcome by the pressures that come with the job. If you wonder why leaders fail, read on.

If you recognise any of these, then don’t worry. It’s possible to bounce back.

They Can’t Manage There Time Is Why Leaders Fail

This often occurs when a leader holds on to all the work themselves, instead of distributing the load and sharing it with their colleagues or direct reports. By taking on this extra work, it takes them away from what’s important. Their people. Which then leads to even more work.

They Focus On The Wrong Things

Some leaders can lose sight of what’s important. They focus on the wrong aspects of the role. If their team is suffering or not performing, then this is where the attention needs to be. But some leaders can be so career-driven, they focus on how they can move up the ladder and how do they get involved in workshops or meetings with the big bosses. All this does is hurt their team more.

Becoming Arrogant Is Why Leaders Fail

Some leaders can come out of the gate and perform amazingly. They get great attention from their peers and executives. Then they stop. They believe that because of all the admiration that they’ve got nothing else to learn. This arrogance hurts them dearly. Once you’ve decided to stop learning, your career as a leader is over.

They Refuse To Be Flexible

Common sense is not always common. Some leaders can get too wrapped up in the rules that they’re not willing to bend them, even if it’s the right thing to do. Once a wrong decision is made, it requires a lot from the leader to build trust with their team again.

Failure To Deliver Feedback Is Why Leaders Fail

Feedback is a gift. But if a leader doesn’t know to communicate feedback correctly, then no one gets better. When feedback needs to be provided, it should be constructive. The person receiving the feedback should be able to take something away from it so they can look to improve.

They Stop Learning

There is no such thing as mastering leadership. There is always something new to learn. If you believe you know it all and you choose to stop learning, then you’re not going to get very far as a leader.

They’re Bad Communicators

Communication is one of the foundations of leadership. You need to be able to let your team know what’s going on and be able to articulate the company strategy. Failure to communicate with your people, your peers, your colleagues will make it difficult for you to succeed in your role.

How Not to Fail

There can be plenty of reasons why leaders fail. Sometimes it’s the environment, and other times it’s the lack of direction. But there is always a way to bounce back and get back on track if you know what to avoid.

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