6 Things No One Tells You As a New Team Leader

new team leader

When you become a new team leader for the first time, a lot of things go through your mind.

You fill your mind with grand plans. You’re finally going to fix all the world’s problems. But there also a lot of things that no one tells you when you become a leader. You have a lot that you end up figuring out on your own.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait to learn them. You can just keep reading to find out for yourself.

1. No One Tells You That You’ll Be The Bad Guy

As a leader, you’re going to have to make some unpopular decisions that are in the best interest of the company. Not all of your employees will be understanding of this. It’s often about what’s in it for them. It can make it a thankless job.

2. Managing Is Time Consuming

While you have a lot of grand plans, most of your time will be spent on managing your people. In fact, you’ll likely spend 80% of your time on 20% of your people. Don’t worry. It’s normal. Some people take up more time than others.

3. Feedback Is Essential

Feedback is not only essential for your employees, but also for yourself. You’re not going to be perfect at leadership on your first go. You need feedback to help you grow as a leader. It will also broaden your perspective and give you new approaches to problems.

4. No One Tells You That People Will Leave

The team you end up managing will likely change a lot on your watch. People move on. It’s not your fault. You should see this as an opportunity to freshen up the team. You will also likely have a lot of managers. Some good and some bad. But you’ll learn something for all types.

5. You Will Feel Alone

It’s not uncommon to feel alone as a leader. It’s not that you’ll feel lonely, but that you’ll feel like you have no one to talk to about the problems within your team. You don’t want to tell your boss because you don’t want to show weakness. You might not want to speak to your peers about it either because you want to look like the best. This is why it can be beneficial to have a coach or mentor to talk through what’s on your mind.

6. You’ll Never Stop Learning

Just when you feel like you’re getting the hang of it all, you’ll learn something new. This will happen all the time. You should always be open to learning more and broadening your perspectives. There is always something new to learn, and always a better way of doing things. Never think otherwise.

The New Team Leader Playbook

There’s a lot you’ll learn on the job as a new team leader. Some you can prepare yourself for, and others you’ll have to wait until you experience it for the first time. It’s what makes the learning experience exciting and becoming a new team leader worth it.

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