The Best Weekly Agenda For Remote Team Meetings

weekly agenda

Managing remote teams can be challenging for some leaders.

One thing that can help is putting some structure around your team meetings. Having a consistent weekly agenda can make a difference in managing and organising your team.

Here’s one design that you should consider for your next team meeting that’s bound to work.

Start Your Weekly Agenda With Good News

Get everyone to share a good news story from the past week. It could be a personal goal achieved, it could be related to work. It could be finishing a tv series on Netflix. Something that puts a smile on their face.

Get Into The Numbers

Have each person in the team report on their KPI’s. What did they achieve last week? Having them call out their numbers gives them ownership of their results.

Run Through Priorities

Talk through the victories from last week and the priorities for next week. What are you and the team going to aim for? What are the potential roadblocks, and how can they be avoided?

Finish Your Weekly Agenda With Learnings From The Past Week

Is there any news or updates that the team should be aware of? You could also talk about some customer feedback. What are they saying and how can that be used to improve your customer service or sales experience. Put some time aside to learn and grow as a team.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Your weekly agenda should be short and sweet for the meeting. It should give a high-level outline of the goals for the week ahead. You don’t want it to become too long that it takes time away from being productive. If you can keep them to a tight schedule, and get as many people from the team involved, then these will become an essential part of the success of your team.

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