Start The Day Right With This Scrum Format

scrum format

A lot of contact centres and retail teams start off with a daily skirmish or scrum to help plan the day. But having the right scrum format will determine whether or not the day will truly be successful. It shouldn’t just be a recap, it should be a plan forward. If your daily scrum could use a refresh, then try this format out.

The Three Questions To Start Your New Scrum Format

You should start your new scrum format with three simple questions. What happened yesterday, what are you working on today, are there any roadblocks standing in your way. These questions are great for any scrum, no matter what industry you’re in.

Take Note Of Any Discussions And Park Them

Conversations are likely to start, but this is not the purpose of a scrum. If discussions start to get too lengthy, then set up a meeting afterwards to nut anything that’s taking away from the scrum. Just because everyone is in the room, it doesn’t mean this should be a forum.

Start On Time And Wait For No One

If scrum starts at 9 am, then start it at 9 am. Don’t wait for everyone to show up. Kick it off and get it going. Everyone should arrive before the meeting starts, not before everyone shows up. You should put this as a reminder in your new scrum format.

Put No Laptops Or Mobiles In Your New Scrum Format

Attention is required at a scrum. It’s not an opportunity to respond to emails or follow up on a text message. Everyone needs to be engaged and should be assisting in removing roadblocks or helping in solutions to move the business forward.

Ensure The Focus Is Improvement

Scrum should not focus on what happened yesterday. It should be about how we’re going to get better today? It’s about looking forward, not backwards. No matter how good yesterday was.

Make Your Scrum Worthwhile

A morning scrum can help you start the day right. But only if it’s run properly. If it becomes a waste of everyone’s time, then you need to look at the format and change it before your people become disengaged.

For more tips on how to manage your team and start the day right, follow the Better Boss Blog. You’ll get advice on running meetings and managing your team so that you can get the best out of them. Follow pwf services on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and make sure to start your day off right.

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