5 Ways To Hook People In With Your Presentation

hook people

A lot of people fear giving presentations.

For some people, it can be the fear of public speaking, and for others, it might be worrying about people in the room thinking it will be a waste of time So how do you hook people in to get them feeling that what you’re about to say is going to be worth your time.

Here are some tips on how you can make that happen.

1. Start With A Story To Hook People In

Before you show anyone a chart, start with something genuine. A story about why what you’re presenting means something to you. It could be the tale of how you came to be presenting this. It might be because you drew the short straw or it could be about how you volunteered for it. Something genuine that will show vulnerability that will hook people in.

2. Ask A Rhetorical Or Thought-Provoking Question

Ask something to the audience that will get them thinking. Make sure that it’s linked to the presentation. Your words and speech should answer the question that you’ve asked. Or at least offer some solutions and answers to how it could be answered.

3. Use A Shocking Statistic Or Headline

If you can’t think of a question, start off with a statistic or headline that will make jaws drop. It could be a business problem that no one wants to acknowledge. It could be an untapped market opportunity. But it should be something that has an answer, and that answer should be in your presentation.

4. Use A Powerful Quote To Hook People

A lot of people like a great quote. It’s how I fill my Instagram feed. Use a quote that stops and make people think. But again, link it to your presentation. An uplifting quote will also get more attention than one that gets people down.

5. Play A Video

If you know you’re going to be talking for the majority of the presentation, then use a video to get things started. It can break up the presentation, and if you use the right one, you’ll start off on the right foot.

How to Win the Room

If you can engage the room and hook people in for a presentation, then you can utilise this skill in other aspects of your role. It will help you confidently speak to upper management, share ideas in a workshop, and attend speaking events at conferences.

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