5 Ways to Motivate an Employee Who Hates Their Job

motivate an employee

Trying to motivate an employee is hard enough. But trying to motivate an employee who hates their job is much harder.

Your initial reaction might be to tell them to find a new job or force them out of the organisation. But what if it’s part of a larger problem? Who’s going to be next? Then what will you do? Send them on their way too?

Maybe take a look at this list to see if there’s something you can do before you have a mass exodus.

1. Are The Aligned With The Vision?

Do they know what the company vision is? If they don’t know why they’re coming to work every morning, then why do they do what they do?

2. Do They Know How Their Work Helps The Company?

If your employee doesn’t know what the purpose of their work is, then they’re probably wondering why they’re doing it. No one likes doing work for no reason. It’s like digging a hole and wondering why you’re doing it.

3. Can You Motivate An Employee By Being Clear On Expectations?

I’ve known people who have started a new job with no job description. Then three months later, they still don’t have it. How are they supposed to know what is expected of them?

4. They Don’t Feel Connected To The Team

This doesn’t necessarily apply to remote workers. It can be anyone. If someone doesn’t feel like they’re part of the team, then this can be a reason why they’re not motivated.

5. Motivate An Employee By Trusting Them

Trust your employees by letting them do what they need to do. If you’re a micromanager, you’re going to lose employees quickly.

How to Motivate Yourself

Your employee might not be motivated if you’re not feeling excited yourself. Your people feed off your energy. You influence them every day with how you act, speak, and your body language. If they see you excited and motivated, then they will mirror this. Just like they will if you’re in a bad mood.

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