7 Ways You’re Becoming A Bad Boss

bad boss

No one sets out to be a bad boss.

It just plays out that way as work and life gets in the way. There are ways to course-correct and turn things around. There are also strategies you can put into place to stop these habits altogether.

Here are just seven things you should check yourself on to see if you’re a bad boss.

1. You’re Making Yourself A Single Point Of Failure

If everything has to go through you in order for the company to move forward, then this is a problem. It’s possible to overcome this by empowering others and giving more decision making to your employees. You don’t want to be just a yes or no person. You want people to make decisions on their own and succeed, fail, and learn.

2. Not Delegating Like You Say You Will

Giving the illusion of power to others will backfire on you. If you end up doing the job of those you’re empowering to do, then your staff engagement will reduce dramatically. You can turn this around by giving your people the freedom you promised them. If the task is not completed to your liking, then use it as a coaching opportunity.

3. Not Giving Clear Expectations

Whether you’re setting out a company strategy, vision, or just giving a simple task. If you’re vague about your expectations and then get delivered something that you reject, your staff will become disengaged. Be clear on your expectations and make sure your people understand what success looks like. Leave it up to them to make their way to it.

4. Not Giving Proper Feedback

Bad feedback is worse than giving no feedback at all. When you’re providing any sort of coaching or feedback, it should be delivered in a way that is going to make them better. It needs to be something that is actionable. If you can’t do that. Then it’s not worth providing it at all.

5. Neglecting Needs For Performance

If you prioritise the performance of the needs of your people, you’re going to lose employees at a rapid pace. There’s always a balance, but if you don’t show any empathy or care for the needs of your employees, then you’re not going to get the performance you need to succeed.

6. Not Providing Proper Training

No one gets better without training and coaching. If you provide mediocre training or tell people just to watch videos, then you’re not going to see the improvement that you need. You there’s no improvement, performance starts to go backwards quickly.

7. Creating An Environment Of Fear

No one enjoys working in an office where they fear that by the end of the day, they’ll be out of a job if they don’t meet the expectations of their boss. The stress and anxiety it creates comes out in other ways, such as sick leave or bad performance. You’re better off making an environment where failure is used as an opportunity to learn. You might be surprised by what comes out of it.

How to Avoid Being a Bad Boss

No one sets out to be a bad boss. It just sometimes happens because either life or the pressure of work gets in the way. If you become a bad boss, it doesn’t mean you have to stay that way forever. Just check yourself against the above signs to see how you can correct your course.

If you would prefer not to be a bad manager, then follow the Better Boss Blog. It includes plenty of advice and tips on how to improve yourself and your leadership capability. Follow pwf services on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook if you want to avoid becoming a bad boss.

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