How To Create A Project Plan

project plan

A project plan doesn’t necessarily have to be created by a project manager. You can make a project tackle any task or obstacle. It’s a great experience for you if you one day decide you want to get involved in projects. If you follow these simple steps, then you’ll be well on your way.

Define The Scope

What is it that needs to be completed? What are you looking to achieve?

Who Can Support You?

You can complete the project on your own. Who is going to help you? Who are your stakeholders?

Find Free Resources

What teams are available to support you. How can you use these teams to achieve your goals?

Create A Timeline

Set a schedule and a hard deadline. Assess the impacts of the deadline. Will it be before, on, or delayed?

Highlight The Milestones

Work out the key items that highlight that you’re on the right path. These will be your indicators you’re heading in the right direction.

Breakdown The Milestones

Break down each of the milestones into actionable tasks. Once all of these tasks have been completed, then the milestone should be achieved.

Create A Draft Plan

Circulate a draft plan to all of your stakeholders and teams who will assist you. Gain agreement on the timelines and the tasks from everyone, because you don’t want to find out when it’s too late.

Refine The Plan

If you receive any feedback from stakeholders, refine the project plan, and recirculate it.

Monitor The Progress

You need to work out how frequently you want to monitor how the project is progressing. You should also determine what the updates should look like.

Document Everything

If anything changes, the project alters in any way, or the goalposts change, then you need to make sure you have it documented. At the end of every project is a review, and you need to prefer for it immediately.


If you’re working on a major project, then you should make sure that everyone knows about it, and you’re gathering feedback along the way. People need to be kept in the loop. If they’re not, they’ll create their own narrative, and it’s not always positive.

Bring Your Project Plan to Life

If your project plan is clear and has a starting point as well as a clear measure of success, then everyone should know how to contribute and deliver the outcomes expected.

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