5 Time Management Myths Leaders Believe

time management myths

When we can’t achieve something, we create a narrative to make us feel better about not hitting the goal. One tale that is as old as time is time management. We can often find reasons why we can’t do something. Time management is a skill, and if you if you believe any of these myths, then you need to change the narrative.

1. No One Else Feels What You Feel

While not everyone shows it, they feel exactly the same way that you think about everything. They are frustrated, they overthink, and they get overwhelmed. What they’ve learned to do is channel it productively, which is something you need to develop. You need to bust these time management myths.

2. A List Is The Ultimate Time Management Myth

You probably think that if you make a list, that everything will get organised magically. It might in some way. You might tick off some tasks and get some work done, but it doesn’t teach you time management, that’s why it’s a myth. It just gives you something to reorder as you work your way through it.

3. It’s Quicker If I Do It Myself

This might be true, but is it what’s best in the long run? If you take all the work away from your team, what will they be left to do? Taking away work from your people also just adds tasks to your busy schedule. You might need to spend more time getting your team to get it right, but this is what’s better for the long run.

4. I Have To Work More Hours

This is not a sustainable option. Working longer hours will drain you of your energy. Then what will you put out to your team and your boss? Work of a lesser quality. Don’t underestimate the power of breaks. You need to be able to reset if you’re going to get anywhere.

5. There Isn’t Time For A Development Is A Time Management Myth

If you don’t make time to become better, then your performance is going to plateau. You need to train if you’re going to become a better leader. You need to sacrifice time in order to have a better future. The question is, what do you give up? It could be an opportunity to give someone else some development.

Stay On Top of All the Myths

There are so many leadership myths out in the world. Some have to be experienced to understand they don’t work while others sound so unbelievable it’s amazing that leaders fall for it. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying a new time management method and learning from the mistakes.

If you want to avoid crazy time management myths, then make sure you’re following the Better Boss Blog. Instead of fake techniques, you’ll get legitimate advice and tips on how to best manage your time and your team. Make time to follow pwf services on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook and ensure you never miss an article.

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