How To Reduce Stress For Your Remote Teams

reduce stress

Remote work isn’t for everyone.

Some people love the freedom of it and the fact they don’t have to decide what “work outfit” they’re going to wear every day. But for others, it’s extremely stressful. Whether it’s the chaos in the house from the rest of the family or the sounds of silence and feeling of isolation. For both types of workers, stress is common.

But as their leader, you can help reduce their stress.

Understand What’s Provoking The Stress

If you can get to the root cause of the stress, then you’ll know how to reduce it. This requires you to ask questions and just listening. Once you’ve got the full picture, then you can’t start planning a strategy to help them.

Allow Them To Be Open About Mental Illness

You must create a safe space so that your team members can say that they’re not coping or handling the remote situation. Even if you don’t believe it or question the mental health card, you need to acknowledge this is how they’re feeling. Only then will they accept your help.

Identify The Signs Of Stress

Some people simply get on with the job, even when they’re hurting. They may not want to speak up, so you’ll have to approach them.

Make Time To Connect

You must make time to really connect with your team members. Don’t rely on one communication channel. Go visit them if you can or meet somewhere for a coffee. Technology is great, but it can’t replace the face to face connection.

Understand How To Help Reduce Stress

Remember, you’re not expected to be the sole person to help reduce stress. You should know what options are available to you, whether that be employee services or local professionals. Your goal is to point them in the right direction to get them the help they need and control what you can that’s triggering the stress.

Learn From Each Encounter And Reduce Stress For The Rest Of The Team

If you know what’s causing stress for one team member, perhaps review it with everyone. If the whole team is struggling and you’re in control of the trigger, you’ll notice changes immediately.

Focus On Building Resilience

If stress is a problem in your team, then as part of their development plans, include a coaching session on resilience. The nature of business is that targets go up, budgets go down, and stress exists in one way, shape, or form. So prepare your team for this and help them so they can face anything that comes their way.

Less Stress Means More Happiness

If you can find what works for you to reduce stress, then you’ll instantly find more satisfaction in your role and will notice that you perform better in it. Get to the root cause of what’s causing it and try to eliminate it from your life. If you can’t, then use the above techniques to cope with it.

One technique is to follow the Better Boss Blog. It can help you with your wellbeing and offer you tips on how to improve your performance as a leader. Follow pwf services on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook so that you can stress less about missing a post.

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