5 Techniques To Deal With Difficult People

difficult people

When you read the headline, you probably had one or two difficult people come to mind. We’ve all worked with someone or groups of people that don’t make your job easy. You might do everything you can to avoid working with these people. However, there are better techniques for getting along with these people. Such as these.

1. Detach Yourself From The Situation

Try to look at the situation from a consultant perspective. This means no matter what is said or the actions these difficult people may perform, you’ve got a completely independent view of the situation. It requires a lot of self-esteem and confidence, but if you can develop this technique, no matter how difficult someone is, you’ll be able to handle it.

2. Don’t Take It Personally

It can be easy to take every obstacle or roadblock personally. However, more often than not, the difficult nature comes from a unique communication style. If you can put yourself in the other person’s shoes or learn how to speak using their language and vocabulary, it can take emotion out of the equation and find a common ground to better work together.

3. Pick Your Battles With Difficult People

The reason you might believe someone to be difficult is because your opinions clash on a number of subjects. It’s important you know what battles to fight and what ones to concede. By giving up battles not worth fighting, and even siding with the difficult people, you will find future working experiences will be more pleasant. In fact, they may even side with you on occasion.

4. Separate The Difficult People And The Issue

If you’re struggling with the situation, try to break it down into chunks. Specifically, the person and the issue and analyse them separately. Once you’ve divided the two, avoid going hard on the person, and target the topic at hand. How do you solve the problem instead of trying to fix the person? If you use this mentality, you’ll be able to move forward.

5. Lighten Things Up

Humour can normally always defuse a situation. Naturally, you’ll need to read the room. But if you can break the ice or melt it slightly with a laugh, then it might help drive the conversation forward. If there’s any way that you can find to relieve some tension in the room, then you should attempt this first before you get down to business.

Not Everything Needs to be Difficult

There’s a saying that you end up spending 80% of your time on 20% of your team. It can take an emotional toll on you, so it’s important to balance it out with wellbeing activities and positivity. Take a walk, meet with your top performers, or do something that brings you joy. It will help you approach difficult people with a fresh perspective.

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