9 Statements That Will Help Your Team

help your team

Are you looking to get the best out of your team every day? Of course you are. But how can you help your team reach their goals and become better each day? If you’re lost for words, try these statements on for size.

1. This Is The Situation…

Giving your people the lay of the land is a great help to your team. If they know where you are and are clear on where you want to go, then your team members can work out the best route to get there.

2. Here’s What We’re Doing…

Not everything will be in your people’s control, you can lead from the sidelines, but you’ll also need to do your part as well. Provide your team with what they can do and what you will do so that everyone is on the same page and not stepping over one another.

3. What Do You Need…

What assistance can you provide to your team? You might think you know, but this is the moment that you listen and see what they need in order to succeed.

4. Tell Me More…

Don’t take anything at surface level. Ask for more details, and dive into the help to find out more. Often times, your employees will talk themselves out of what they need and could land somewhere else. This saves you wasting your time and is a good technique to brainstorm ideas.

5. Remember The Values…

Be clear with the team that nothing should be at any cost. Every action or step should be in line with the values and also the brand promise. Going outside of it is a short term solution and is not sustainable in the long run.

6. I Trust You…

Trusting your team gives them permission to try new things. Don’t be afraid of them failing, be excited about what they could achieve.

7. I’ll Come Back To You Today…

When you’re approached about you can help your team, you may not have all of the answers. You’ll get asked to follow up on something, it’s imperative that you do, or your team will lose trust in you.

8. How Can We Do Better…

Don’t be afraid to push your team and challenge their projections or predictions. If they said they’ll bring in 100 sales, ask them how can they make it 120. They’ll know their limits, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stretched.

9. Let’s Celebrate

It’s important to celebrate the victories. End your meetings on a high to keep spirits up and acknowledge the hard work your team is putting in.

The Best Way to Help Your Team

If you want to help your team, just be present for them. Making yourself available to them and communicating with your people on a regular basis will mean a lot to them. It keeps them engaged and helps your team realise they can rely on you.

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