How To Master Managing Up

managing up

Are you and your boss not seeing eye to eye? There can be a number of reasons why this is happening. They might have a lot on their plate. Your boss might be getting a lot of heat from their leader. But a lot of the time, the problem can come down to managing up.

Managing up to a boss takes skill. Some would call it an art. There are probably people in your office that do it really well. Then there might be others that struggle with the relationship.

You could try to keep your head down and wait for everything to blow over. But perhaps a better option is taking control of the relationship and working on how you’re managing up to your superior in an effective way.

Be the First to Approach

Don’t wait for your boss to approach you for help because that time may never come. You need to become the first person to approach them. Talk to them about what’s currently going on with the company and just listen. It will give you insights into what’s front of mind. Is it something that you can help with? If it is, then offer to assist. If it’s not, check in on it again another day. Either way, it shows that you’re listening and you’re a team player.

Managing Up By Anticipating Needs

Conversing with your boss regularly will give you an idea of their priorities. Rather than wait for direction or actions to come your way, start implementing plans so that you’re already ahead of the game. Don’t make them too rigid just in case something changes, but the sooner you can start, the further you and your boss are on the company goals.

Understand Your Boss’s Goals and The Company Priorities

For longer-term plans, you can manage up by understanding what success looks like to your boss. Generally, their KPIs are based on how well you and your team or division perform. So if you know what they need to aim for, this can help structure your updates and one on ones with your manager.

Their goals will also be linked to the company’s priorities. What does the business deem to be a successful year, and how does your team contribute to that success. Once you’ve cracked this code, you will be managing up to the boss in a way that will help them communicate up to their superior.

Don’t Lose Site of Your Day Job When Managing Up

While taking on extra work and helping out your boss is a great help, don’t forget that you still need to be performing in your day job. If you’re not getting the job done here, then you’re not helping them what so ever. Your core role is always the first priority, so exceed here before you start worrying about how you can help your manager in their role.

Make Sure to Deliver

The best thing you can do for your manager is to deliver on what you say you’re going to deliver. If you can’t, then your relationship with them is likely to sour more. This is because you’re only creating more problems for them. If you provide a forecast or information to them, then make sure it’s accurate and factual. They’re likely to communicate this information, and if it turns out to be wrong, you will lose credibility.

Why Managing Up is Important

Communication is important in any relationship. That’s why you should always ensure you have an open dialogue with your leader and keep them updated at all times. Managing up helps your boss when they pass superiors in the hallway and keep them informed on the latest news. It also allows them to help or get assistance when you need it.

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