Questions You Need To Start Asking Your Team

questions for your team

Do you ever ask questions to your team? Not like how’s your day or what did you have for lunch. Questions that will help them improve the performance of the organisation and help you and your team achieve their goals?

It’s important that you regularly check in on them to keep morale up. If you’ve got happy staff, then you’ll have happy customers. But you can only do this by asking them questions from time to time. Try these ones on for size.

What Can We Do Better?

The worst thing that can slow down a company’s momentum is terrible processes and procedures. Ask your team how they can do their job better. It might be take one step out or make one process shorter. But you won’t know unless you ask, so find out how you can help. The faster they’re getting through procedures, the more customers they’ll get access to. The more customers they get access to, the more business you’ll get.

What’s The Best Way To Work Together?

If you treat every employee the same, you’re going to find that some will always thrive, and others will consistently underperform. While they might be responsible for it, they need personalised coaching and management. Just because you have a one on one weekly with one person doesn’t mean that everyone wants that. Ask your team how they want to be managed, and act appropriately according to how well they’re doing.

What Should We Do Differently?

Sometimes this question is prefaced with if you owned the company, what would you do differently. But your team members likely have access to a small window of the whole company. They only interact with certain people and certain customers. So your answer will always be underwhelming. Ask them what should be done differently. Check in on products, service, customer channels, marketing, and more. What could you be doing differently, and how are they validating that information.

What Help Do You Need?

Don’t expect a lot of responses from this one. Often your employees will want to show that they’re dependable and don’t need your help. Don’t take offence to this. They’re trying to show that you can count on them. But you still need to ask this. You need to make it clear that you’re available and ready to help in any way that you can. In these instances, it’s the thought that counts more than how you assist them.

Other Questions For Your Team

Asking open-ended questions for your team is the best way to communicate with them. The more often you have these types of conversations, the less likely they’ll get worried they’re in trouble when you ask them for a minute of their time. You’ll also notice that their answers will become longer and more confident as these meetings continue.

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