How to Achieve Your 2021 Goals

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You might not think you need this article to achieve your 2021 goals. Maybe you don’t.

If you can say that you’ve achieved all of your previous new year’s resolutions, then feel free to read any one of the other articles on the Better Boss Blog.

But if you find yourself giving up on your goals quickly, then follow on.

If you’ve set your resolutions right, then you can use this guide to help you achieve your 2021 goals.

Don’t Try to Achieve Your 2021 Goals Immediately

A lot of goals that people make are new habits. It might be that you want to exercise more or you want to have more money in your bank account. Whatever it may be, you want to build this new habit slowly.

Let’s say that you want to exercise for a minimum of three days every week. That doesn’t mean running a marathon or lifting the heaviest weights you can. Trying to do this will only end up causing your body pain, and you’ll never want to exercise again. You’ll also get upset when you hop off the treadmill after an hour only to wonder why you don’t have abs yet.

You have to start small and establish a foundation. Start with going for a walk around the block three days a week or lifting light weights a few times. Once you start noticing that you’re doing exercise three times a week without even thinking about it, then you can start looking at increasing the intensity.

Break the Goal Down Into Smaller Tasks

Some people love a checklist, which can be a great motivator for achieving 2021 goals.

Break down your goal into bite-size smaller tasks. One of the great trending topics at the moment is the 52-week money challenge. If you haven’t seen it, you get an envelope for each week of the year and number them from 1 to 52.

To make it a bit more fun, shuffle them up and pick one at random. The number that you select is how much you need to squirrel away. By the end of the year, you should have saved over $1300.

Work out a way to do something similar with your 2021 goals.

Schedule Regular Check-ins

It’s important to regularly check in on how you’re tracking with your 2021 resolutions. Daily is too frequently, and quarterly might be too long. A good frequency is the start of the month and measuring the progress at the end of it.

Don’t rely on your memory. Put a reminder in your calendar and make it a recurring reminder.

Track your progress so you can measure it. Photos are also a great reminder, especially if you’re planning a transformational change.

Allow Yourself to Have Missteps

Ask anyone who has achieved a level of success. It never happens the way they planned, and it’s never consistent. You’re going to have missteps along the way to achieving your 2021 goals.

It could be that you miss a week or something in life got in the way. This is where your success will get measured in how quickly you got back on track or how you adapted to the situation to stop it from happening again.

Remember, these are your goals. How you achieve them is up to you. Life is not one straight line. It’s a mix of highs and lows. The same goes for goals.

Don’t Wait Till Monday

A lot of people think that starting on a Monday is the right time to begin a new habit or attempt to achieve a goal. But then it rolls around, it’s hectic like it is every Monday, and then everything gets postponed a week. Then it happens all over again.

The best way to start a new habit or attempt to achieve a goal is just to start. What you’re measuring for is consistency as opposed to being organised cleanly each week. If you begin a new habit on Friday, then review your progress every Friday. Don’t wait until the busiest day of the week to try and fit in something new that’s important to you.

Staying Motivated

Like previous years, your motivation for achieving your 2021 goals may increase and decrease as the year passes by. But if you’re breaking it down into smaller tasks and checking in regularly, your chances of ticking them off are much higher compared to keeping it all in your head.

If reading more and learning new skills is on your list, then you should add following the Better Boss Blog to your list of 2021 goals. Stay up to date with the latest leadership trends that don’t sound like they’ve been copied and pasted out of a textbook. Follow Better Boss on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more posts, and add the Better Boss Blog to your bookmarks so you never miss an article.

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