How to Deal With the Post-Holiday Blues

post-holiday blues

Have you just returned from a well-earned break and got yourself a case of the post-holiday blues?

For many people, this recent break might not have been as satisfying as in previous years. If you couldn’t leave the house or were restricted to your region, then it might not have felt like much of a holiday.

But, maybe you’re looking at it the wrong. While you didn’t get to travel the country or the world. You didn’t have to do your weekly reports. It’s unlikely you went to any meetings unless the family called one unexpectedly. You might not have even had to make yourself presentable for a Zoom meeting.

However, the post-holiday blues can still hit you, and it can be hard to return to the home office or actual work building after a break. So how can you get out of this funk? Thankfully, there are some tricks you can use to help turn that frown upside down.

Plan the Next Break

While submitting an annual leave request on your first day back in the office might not be socially acceptable, you can still plan when you’d like to take your next break. Pencil in some dates and discuss with your manager as to when you’d like to be off work.

Thinking ahead like this will give you something to look forward to. You might not go anywhere. You might want to have a staycation. But whatever type of break you take will help you deal with the post-holiday blues a little easier.

Start a New Habit

Another trick to getting over a recent break is by starting a new habit. It might be beginning an exercise regime, or learning about a hobby you always wanted to try.

This method is great for getting over the post-holiday blues, especially if you went somewhere and learned a new recipe, custom, or ritual. Discovering more about it and incorporating it into your everyday situation lets you hold on to the memory of your holiday while also improving your life at the same time.

Avoid Ruts

One of the reasons you probably took a holiday was to get out of a rut. Especially the routine you likely created at work.

Delete emails, then organise a report, go to a meeting, think about eating lunch, have a one on one, then go home ready to do the exact same thing tomorrow.

If you find yourself slipping back into a rut, switch up your routine so that you don’t end up in the same place you were before you went on annual leave.

Create a Holiday Tribute

If you’re a little creative, then why not put together a video or slideshow of all of your favourite memories? It can help you relive those moments, and it gives you an outlet to put all your feelings and emotions into.

Even if you’ve never put together a video before or know nothing about PowerPoint, it’s a way to learn something new using a subject matter that you’re passionate about.

Incorporate Holiday Lifestyle into Work Life

When you’re on holiday, you tend to pick up new habits or quirks. It might be setting aside an hour a day to read a book or going for a walk first thing in the morning.

If you can, why not try and incorporate this into your work life? Block out some time in your calendar for some self-care and relive those good habits that picked up while you were on a break.

Still Can’t Shake the Post-Holiday Blues?

If you’ve tried everything you can to shake the post-holiday blues, then maybe there’s a bigger problem at play. In this case, you should speak to a professional about how you can get out of this funk.

This slump can have impacts on your performance in the workplace. It’s why you should take the necessary steps to try and snap out of it and get back to your usual self.

If you need tips, tricks, and advice on how to improve your wellbeing, performance, or ability as a manager, then you should make sure you’ve got the Better Boss Blog saved to your bookmarks. You can also follow pwf services on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook for more assistance. It’s the perfect reading material for any holiday hammock or office chair.

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