The 3 Fundamentals for the Perfect Sales Conversation

sales conversation

Is your sales team a little behind on target this month?

Maybe you’re not seeing the volume of prospects come through your channel, or perhaps the market is soft. It’s always easy to point the finger at these types of problems. I’ve done it myself.

But before you start shifting the blame elsewhere, you need to do a quick look over your numbers. How is your conversion? Are your guys having the perfect sales conversation? Are other teams or competitors struggling as well?

When you’re behind on target, you need to take a look at what you’re in control of. That means reviewing your people’s sales conversation and if they’re absolutely perfect or need some work. Here are the three fundamentals that you want to make sure they’re covering in every interaction with a prospective customer.

The Needs Analysis

The opening part of any conversation should see the prospective customer doing most of the talking. Your sales representative should be asking short, open questions and listening intently to the answers. It’s these answers that will be critical to the next step.

The biggest mistake sales reps make is focussing on asking questions that can eliminate product choices. For example, if you’re selling mobile phones, questions will steer a customer to either an Apple or Android product rather than focussing on what they use their phone for.

While this method can help you get to a product to pitch, you’re going to have difficulty providing value around the item. Focus your questions on how they plan to use it and why it’s important to them. What has been their previous experience with the product? These types of questions will help you find the right item and position it in a way that they’ll feel like it was specifically designed for them.

The Pitch

This is your sales rep’s time to shine. While they don’t need the customer’s life story, the representative should have a pretty good profile of the individual and what’s important to them. They should also know why they are in the market for a product, and how they ended up interacting with your company.

The best conversations personalise the features and benefits to the customer. Mentioning that a phone has 5G capability won’t mean anything to some people. But if you position it in a way that is relevant to the answers to the questions in the needs analysis, then you’ll get their interest. For example, if they use their phone to watch Netflix, you can advise them that this phone will let them watch 4K movies uninterrupted when connected to a 5G network.

Every single piece of information should get referred back to the customer. It not only shows you’ve taken the time to carefully choose a product that fits their needs. It will show that you listened to them.

The Close

If your sales rep did their job right, the customer will be the one to close the sale.

But if the customer doesn’t offer to sign up, join, or buy today, then your rep is going to need to close the deal.

This is where objections may come up or excuses as to why someone doesn’t want to buy today. It’s here that more questions need to be asked. What’s stopping the customer from buying, and what do they need to think over?

The close doesn’t always work, and the objections may be handled, but the sale can’t conclude. It’s now the responsibility of the representative to follow up. They should not give up on the deal until they receive a hard no. This means emailing, phoning, and SMS’ing to demonstrate to the customer that their business is important.

Need Help Beyond Your Sales Conversation?

The perfect sales conversation is ever-evolving. It should constantly be refreshed as new products and services emerge. Once a sales representative has perfected their script, they should look at how they can continue to make tweaks to it so that it doesn’t sound robotic, and they’ve recited it a million times.

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