The 3 Fundamentals for a Customer Service Conversation

customer service conversation

Have you noticed that customer service conversations are starting to shift?

Now that a lot of tasks can get completed online or through an app, the need to interact with customer service teams has significantly reduced. However, while the number of conversations has decreased, the time it takes to finish an interaction has continually increased year on year.

This is because the contacts that are now taking place are much more complicated and a lot less transactional. Thanks to this change, you’re going to need to evolve your customer service conversation, and you need to ensure it includes these three important fundamentals if you want to ensure your clients continue to do business with you.


The beginning of the customer service conversation is going to involve your client explaining their issue. Depending on how fired up they are about it, this might take a while. Your job here is just to listen and let them get out what they need to say.

Before you go into solution mode, make sure you have everything you need. Ask them if there’s anything else they’d like to add. Get as much information out of them as you can.

But most importantly, let them finish. Don’t speak until there is a moment for you to talk .

Repeat Back

Once your customer has explained what their enquiry is about, you should now summarise what they said and repeat it back. This does two things for the customer service conversation.

The first is that it confirms to the client that you’ve listened to what they had to say. They will now give you their full attention, and they’re also more likely to be helpful during the remainder of the conversation, even if it involves going down a path they originally didn’t want to.

Secondly, it confirms that you understand what the enquiry is. This will save a lot of time on the customer service conversation. If you’re clear on what they need, you’ll save precious time coming up with a solution rather than offering a resolution that’s not relevant what so ever.

Offer a Solution

The key word in this step is that you need to offer and not tell. You need to get permission from the customer to resolve the issue in this manner. It might be the only option available, or you might have multiple ways to fix it. Whatever your plan is, you need the customer on board.

If they disagree, then try to offer a plan B. If no other solutions are available, then ask them to sleep on it or take some time to consider it. You may need to sell them on why it’s the best course of action.

The Beginning of the Change in a Customer Service Conversation

While these three fundamentals are necessary for a customer service conversation today, it is something that is always evolving. As online portals, apps, and digital infrastructures improve, the enquiries coming from customers will undoubtedly become more complex.

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