How to be a Leader Without the Title

leader without the title

Are you frustrated that you’re not a team leader, manager, or in any other type of authoritative role?

Anyone can be a leader. While some people believe they need to have it in order to have the respect of their peers, this is not the case. You can act as a leader without the title and help lift the team in conjunction with your direct manager.

Other people think they don’t want to step on toes or should stay in their lane. This is also the wrong mindset to have. You’re not looking to overshadow your boss. You’re simply trying to do what’s best for the company. That’s what it should always be about.

So how do you act as a leader without the title? You don’t need to get yourself a degree or start bossing people around. Follow these steps if you want people to respect you and see you in a different light.

Be the Benchmark

Leading by example is one of the best ways to earn the respect of your peers. While you might want to be a leader without a title, you need to remember that you still have a core job to do.

Whatever it is that you’ve been hired to do, make sure that you’re the benchmark for the team. Your peers should look up to you and, hand on heart, say that you’re one of the best performers.

It doesn’t just mean that your stats are better than everyone else. It’s also about how you treat people too. Make sure you’re approachable and that your peers will want to come to you.

Provide Solutions, Not Problems

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t look for opportunities to improve and bring them up with your leader. Instead, you should look to bring solutions to these problems as well.

Don’t be disillusioned if they don’t take them up. That’s not the point of this exercise.

The point is to teach yourself to think creatively and not stop your momentum with roadblocks. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket either. Provide your superior with two to three options and make a recommendation of which one you think is best. It will show that you’ve come at the problem from different angles.

Offer Worthwhile Feedback

It’s important to know how your manager measures success. Once you know this, you’ll be able to shape your feedback to them. The best updates you can provide are the ones that don’t require any filtering to upper management.

Get feedback on your feedback. How can you improve it for different audiences, and what do you need to consider in future updates? Then make sure you’re taking this on board when you speak to your manager and other leaders.

This will show that you can take direction. It will also show that you’re willing to grow, even if you’re a leader without a title.

Share Your Knowledge and Experience

Part of being a leader is sharing your knowledge and experience. Even if you’re a leader without a title, you can still share what is helping you be successful. Don’t assume that every other member of your team operates in the same way as you.

It could be how they approach the workday or handle a certain type of situation. You’re not trying to force them to do it your way. What you’re doing is sharing what works for you, how you’ve approached similar scenarios, and what you’ve learned.

It’s a little bit of coaching and a little bit of mentoring. But it’s how you can stand out as a leader without a title.

Celebrate Instead of Competing

Make no mistake, there are leaders out there who are only in it for themselves. They will turn all of the successes of the team and make it about how good they are. But not everyone is like this.

When your team members have a win or one of your peers achieves something, celebrate it with as many people who will listen. Even if they have outshone you in a particular area. Don’t consider it a defeat. Think of it as a benefit for the company.

There’s nothing wrong with other members of your team being better than you at something. Being a leader doesn’t mean being the best in absolutely everything. A leader helps make everyone better. The best way you can make everyone better is by showcasing the wins that are helping the business.

Always Look to Improve Yourself as a Leader Without the Title

Titles really mean nothing. Sometimes it’s an excuse to pay someone more money. Other times it’s to demonstrate where someone is in the hierarchy. But a title doesn’t make someone a leader.

Sometimes, a leader without a title is one of the most valuable employees within the company. That’s because these individuals realise they are beyond a role that currently exists. They’re about the success of the company and not about what’s in it for them.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be rewarded for your efforts. But if you demonstrate the right values, care about your peers, and manage up appropriately, it won’t take long for someone to recognise you and give you what you deserve.

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