How to Deal With a Hands-Off Manager

hands off manager

Have you got a hands-off manager who doesn’t give you a lot of direction, rarely checks in on you, and doesn’t ask you how you’re spending your day?

Sounds great, right? You’re not getting micromanaged. You have total control over your team. So what’s the problem?

Well, not everyone loves this type of leadership. Some people need clear direction on how they should be spending their time at work. They also need regular feedback to ensure they’re on the right track. Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, then you need to know how to handle a hands-off manager. Here are some tips that should help.

Look to the Company Goals

If you’re not getting the appropriate direction from your leader, then look to what the company is looking to accomplish in 2021. No matter what industry you’re in, the goals are often the same. It’s either getting new customers, keeping existing ones happy, and creating loyalty so they continue to do business with you. Sometimes it’s all three.

Depending on the division you work in will determine where your focus should be. If you’re in sales or acquisition, then you just need to figure out how to close deals. For customer service teams, work out the customer pain points and why they interact with your team. Creating loyalty or retention teams can look into why their customers are choosing to cancel memberships, leave the company, or take their business elsewhere.

Keep Your Team Goals Simple

Now that you know where the company is heading, it’s up to you to develop a plan to achieve the goals. You could try to create a master plan with a budget for all the items you need to complete your targets. But, if you have a hands-off manager, then how long do you think you’ll be waiting for an approval?

Keep your team goals small and simple. Focus on metrics that you want to improve. Add stretch goals to push the team further. But remember, all of the actions you’re taking must lead back to the company’s focus. That becomes your true north, and everything you decide to work on should lead back to that sole focus.

Find Feedback Outside of Your Hands-Off Manager

If you desire feedback to understand if you’re on the right track or not, then seek it out from other people besides your hands-off manager. Look to the people you’re managing, your peers around you, and upper management members. Cast a broad net, and you might end up with some points of view that you or your hands-off manager might not normally see.

Keep your questions simple but designed to elicit constructive feedback. Make sure they’re open questions rather than ones that provide yes or no answers. You should also make sure that it’s not too time-consuming. While it’s important for your development, you don’t want to take up other people’s day. You also don’t want it to be so long that they choose to ignore it instead of complete it.

Utilise Your Creativity

There’s no doubt you have ideas in your head that you’d like to try with your team. For some reason, you’ve never pulled the trigger on them, as maybe you were worried about what would happen if it didn’t work. But if you’ve got a hands-off manager, the idea doesn’t require any special approvals, and it could help you achieve the company goal, then now is them to try it.

Don’t be afraid to express your creativity if there appear to be no boundaries. If you believe it’s going to work and it won’t cause any damage to the company, then bring it to life. Make sure to measure your progress. You should also have some indications on whether you should continue with your idea or stop and regroup. You’ll never know if you don’t try your ideas, and a hands-off manager is not going to stop you from giving it a try.

Search for Inspiration Elsewhere

If you’ve identified that you have a hands-off manager, then you need to seek inspiration and development out yourself. There’s no point getting bitter and twisted over not receiving feedback or getting direction. While this is what separates good managers from bad, it doesn’t work for every boss you’ll work for in your life. Take matters into your own hands and create your own destiny instead.

Instead, you can seek inspiration from the Better Boss Blog. You’ll get tips, tricks, and advice on supporting your development and managing your team in the most effective way. Follow pwf services on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to get the direction that you need today.

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