9 Essential Questions For Your Weekly One on One

weekly one on one

Are the weekly one on ones with your direct reports feeling a little flat?

This can be a worrying sign. It can mean that there is a lack of engagement. It could be that there is a lack of direction. Sometimes it’s that you’ve established a consistent working rhythm that you’re both too comfortable.

Whatever the reason may be, it might be time to shake things up. How do you get the answers that you need from your direct reports so you can manage up appropriately? Fortunately, you don’t have to schedule a workshop or create a new project. You just need to change up the questions you’re asking.

So what should you be asking your direct reports? Here are nine questions that will help you get the answers you need in your weekly one on one.

1. What Was Your Goal Last Week?

Ideally, you should know what your direct report’s goal was last week. But it’s good to keep them accountable and ensure that the original plan was where they chose to focus their energy. If they changed goals during the week, ask them why.

2. What Did You Achieve Last Week?

It’s important to reflect on what accomplishments were made. How did your direct report help the business move forward? You shouldn’t accept anything that is almost done either. This question is about what was accomplished, not what is nearly done.

3. What Didn’t You Achieve Last Week?

Now get an understanding of what is still outstanding. It’s not about punishing your direct report for not getting it done. You want to know what is holding them back from completing the work or when you should expect the goal to be achieved.

4. What Did You Learn?

One of the most important questions involves knowing what your direct report is learning. Do they need to manage their time better, or maybe they have a problem saying no to things. Use probing questions to get them thinking about how they could approach tasks differently. Try not to give them the answer. You want them to come up with the insight themselves.

5. What’s Your Priority This Week?

Now it’s time to look forward. Provide your direct report with the key priorities for the week and give them an opportunity to think about what they should focus on. Help steer them in the right direction that will provide both you and the business with the best outcomes.

6. What’s Your Plan?

Once they’ve set a goal, have them come up with an action plan. How will they deliver the work, what activities will they complete, and how will they measure success? You want to get a clear commitment from them that you can use to discuss in the coming weekly one on ones.

7. What Obstacles Do You Have?

While we’d all love the week to run smoothly, there are always other priorities that happen to pop up. It’s important that your direct report knows this too and doesn’t try to overpromise. There are also other commitments they have for their role. Ask how they will strike a balance of getting this work done while not compromising their daily tasks.

8. What Support Do You Need?

When they’ve got a plan formulated, ask them how they’re going to get additional support. If they think they can do it all on their own, they’re wrong. They need to be realistic and utilise the people around them. However, they also need to be considerate of the fact that their peers have day jobs as well. Find out how they will navigate this.

9. How Can I Help?

Finally, ask them what they need from you. If they say nothing, push them on this. While it might seem admirable to take on all the work themselves, they should also know how to utilise your assistance. Suggest a check-in meeting to see how it’s progressing and if any extra advice is needed.

How to Support Your Direct Reports With More Than a Weekly One on One

The one on one with your direct report should be your most important meeting of the week. It gives you insights that you can’t get from daily data or an inbox full of enquiries. Nothing will ever beat the face to face meeting discussing the week that was and what’s coming up next.

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